With the emerging prominence of education as one of the most prime sectors in the Middle East, we have given our key focus to this sector. Several prestigious entities including colleges, training academies, schools and pre-schools, have benefitted from our advice and established themselves strongly in UAE. Rich experience in dealing in areas such as corporate structuring, intellectual property, regulatory, employment, corporate commercial and dispute resolution helps us in our continuous growth from strength to strength.

Educational entities get valuable and experienced rich advice from us on:

  1. Financing
  2. Establishment
  3. Construction and Infrastructure
  4. Employment
  5. Real Estate
  6. Mergers and acquisitions
  7. Joint Ventures
  8. Intellectual Property
  9. R and D innovation
  10. Legislation and Policy
  11. Dispute resolution
  12. General commercial advisory
  13. Environmental laws
  14. Sustainable Development

We work with start to finish approach and guide educational entities at every step. Combination of skills, hard work and strategic foresight ensures international standard services in the UAE. Realizing the importance of the education sector in national and social development, since our inception we have paid key attention to this sector and have helped several renowned entities in their path to success.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

The current growth of the sector in the Middle East drew our prime attention to the sector. Our team of experts drawn from all relevant practice areas, including corporate M & A, commercial, arbitration, media and technology, regulatory, media and telecommunications, employment and incentives, real estate and several others have the expertise to give the best legal services in the region. Our wealth of experience and skilful team has set up a new benchmark of efficiency in the related services.

Our wide client base encompasses all the major healthcare service providers in the region such as government entities, private equity firms specialized in healthcare investment, insurance providers, medical research institutes and several other esteem pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors.

Primarily, we deal in providing advice on regulatory aspects of the healthcare sector. We have rich experience and expertise in the sectors such as:

  1. Clinical research
  2. Analysis of regional regulation and ministerial guidance
  3. Regulatory due diligence on M&A transactions
  4. Accreditation requirement
  5. Do not resuscitate (DNR) orders and withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment procedures
  6. Ethical standards and code practices
  7. Regulatory due diligence on M&A transactions
  8. Licensing
  9. Pharmacovigilance requirements
  10. Practitioner licensing and qualifications verification
  11. Practitioner and nursing scope of practice
  12. Legislative compliance
  13. Legal screen
  14. Facilities policies and procedures
  15. Organ donation
  16. Pharmaceutical and medical device registration
  17. Telemedicine

Our wide array of legal services in the respective sector also deals with construction and infrastructure, banking and finance, commercial, corporate and finance, dispute resolution and medical practices and employment. Our expertise in the sector will assist you in resolving your issues in the most efficient manner possible.

Power, water and renewable energy

The region’s economic growth and economic development have led to an increase in overall energy need. With the evolution of power, water and renewable energy sector, the Middle East has become one of the most active global markets in the development and delivery of related projects.

With our wide range of skills and an expert team, we have served several national and international clients on the related issues and gained a huge wealth of experience. Over the past few years, our renowned group has given valuable advice to several key participants in the sector, including governments, lenders, sponsors, contractors and operators. We have been involved in many of the leading and innovative transactions in the region and have solved their problems in an efficient manner.

We have expertise in handling the industries at the core of the Middle East’s growth. Be it power & transmission, oil and gas, rail and transport, and water and waste we provide the most practical and real-time services for all.

As renewable energy offers an important opportunity to diversify countries’ energy mixes, the investment in renewable energy is picking up in the Middle East. We have paid special attention to the sector. We have a depth of resources to advice on all aspects of a project for the most competitive form of power generation.

Hospitality and Leisure

Being a tourist hotspot, the Middle Eastern region receives a huge influx of tourists from all across the globe. The leading commercial hub is a breeding ground for luxury hotels, leisure, entertainment areas and several restaurant industries. The exponential growth in the sector over the past few years has attracted more talents, brands and operators in the region.

We have handled all the issues related to this sector since our inception with utmost perfection and sincerity. Our highly qualified and invaluable first-hand experienced team of lawyers has advised, operators, hotel & restaurant brands, investors and stakeholders, asset managers, businesses and developers. Our turnkey advice has helped them to flourish and grow at a much faster pace with ever-increasing sophistication and quality.

Our wide array of services includes:

  1. Merger and acquisitions
  2. Licensing
  3. Business expansion and long term strategy planning
  4. Joint ventures and shareholder arrangements
  5. Franchise and branding arrangements
  6. Project finance
  7. Leasing
  8. Acquisition and Disposal
  9. Build-to-suit
  10. Project finance
  11. Brand Protection and enforcement
  12. Great commercial and operational matters
  13. Employment and HR
  14. Dispute resolution
  15. Hotel and Resort development
  16. Off-plan sales of real estate assets
  17. Jointly owned real estate schemes
  18. Leaseback arrangement
  19. Sale and leaseback arrangements
  20. And much more

Technology, Telecommunication and Media

The wide scope of technology, telecommunication and media sector is being exploited at a very rapid pace in the Middle East. Being a buzzing hub of dynamic sports events like Formula 1 races in each Abu Dhabi and Dubai and world-class gold rugby tournaments, the region has attracted sports tourism and several other ancillary markets. Several leading local and international companies are involved in the telecommunication and media industry in the modern-day Middle East.

We have a dedicated team of lawyers for technology, telecommunication and media issues. Our team of experts provides a comprehensive range of legal services in the region.

We give our valuable advice to renowned local and international companies on the following matters:

  1. Broadcasting agreements
  2. Venue Management
  3. Event sponsorship
  4. Brand protection and exploitation
  5. Stakeholders integration
  6. Dispute resolution

Today, keeping a constant watch on emerging trends of technology has become the need of the hour for businesses. Technology is an opportunity to spread businesses worldwide and helps businesses to reach unprecedented heights.

We offer our technology services to renowned businesses and guide entities to extract better gains and align their technology capability with their objective strategy. We have expertise in tackling all aspects of the business from managing finances, embarking on research and development activities, marketing products and improving operations.

We provide advisory services in:

  1. Marketing
  2. Business Management
  3. Operation
  4. Research, Technological Development & Innovation
  5. Business Start-ups


Over the last few years, the retail sector in the region has grown exponentially, varying the market trends in the region. In diverse market conditions, various significant market players have emerged in the Middle East. With the appearance of leading national and multinational firms in the picture, the competition has heightened and a new way has emerged for a variety of legal activities.

We, seeing the deep penetration of the sector in the economy, have established a dedicated team of lawyers having a wealth of experience in the related field. We offer a wide range of services to the leading local and international firms.

Our specialist practitioners are from places across the globe including North America, Africa, Middle East and Australia. Our team is highly qualified and extensively experienced to provide the best possible legal solutions for every complex issue. All our lawyers are qualified to practice in all the courts across the Middle East and have a special right to act as the audience in proceedings of the courts.

Our rich experience combined with our eminent services plays a key role in helping retail clients. We aspire to assist our clients in developing a practical and pragmatic strategy and supporting them in seamless execution. We make impactful and profitable differentiated strategies for our clients supported by the right tactical decisions and practical action plans. We primarily deal in joint ventures, IP, licensing and regulatory compliance work.

Aviation, Shipping and Transportation


We provide assistance from the initial phase to closing the deal. Our specialist aviation lawyers with their rich exposure in the related field provide the most practical legal solutions and commercial advice on the drafting of documents. From passenger and cargo claims, finance, sale and purchase, asset leasing to employment matters, we provide a wide range of services to the aviation industry.


With our well-balanced shipping practice, we have advised several shipping clients. Be it shipbuilders and yards, government entities, ship owning, cargo interest, insurers, underwriters, chartering companies or P&I clubs, we have served all in the most efficient manner possible.

Utilizing our skills and experience we help our clients on the following matters:
· Ship Finance
· Dispute Resolution
· Ship Building
· Mergers and Acquisitions
· Dispute resolution


Our experts in transport department provide a wide range of services to the aviation and shipping industry. Our service base extends to:
· Airlines
· Charterers
· Shipyards
· Shipping clients
· Maintenance organization
· Owners
· Insurers and banks

Our expertise lies in acting in financing arrangements, providing aircraft repossession advice, repossession proceedings and litigation involving aircraft finance and leasing.

Financial Services

To meet the financial goals of businesses, we provide our expert financial advice to eminent local and global clients. Our dedicated team uses top of the line knowledge, technology and processes to give the most pragmatic and practical financial services. Over the past few years, we have served various local and global entities in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our well experienced and highly professional lawyers have the expertise of working in multi-jurisdictions. Our global exposure and strong regional knowledge set us apart from others.

Our wide range of clients encompasses various renowned multinational companies, private equity firms, creditor, and shareholders. All our foresighted plans and investment advice are backed by in-depth research and knowledge.

Our practitioners offer specialized service for:
· Corporate Finance
· Restructuring Services
· M&A Transaction Services
· Forensic
· Valuation
· Modelling

Construction and Real Estate

Seeing the explosive growth of construction and Real Estate in the Middle East, we have a dedicated team of lawyers to handle related issues. Our team with years of experience and vast practical knowledge has given the most valuable suggestions to various leading firms in the business. We help our clients to make informed decisions and achieve a competitive advantage by reducing cost, managing risk, and increasing operational efficiencies.

Our Construction and Real Estate Advisory service professionals advise on aligning the real estate strategy with wider enterprise objectives. We help clients in exploring new structure options, improving the efficiency of operations and balancing portfolios to maximize return on investment.

Our service offerings, which aim to improve overall performance, include:
· Process and technology
· Project management oversight advisory
· Strategic services
· Delivery strategy and operational model
· Technology and implementation
· Governance and control
· Portfolio strategy and location advisory
· Project and risk assessments
· Cost evaluation
· Risk mitigation, processes and control

Manufacturing and Industrial

One of the most prominent pillars of the Middle Eastern economy is Manufacturing and Industrial sector. Understanding the vast potential we offer the legal specialism to the sector, in the most efficient manner possible. With the depth of understanding of the industry and years of experience, we provide our clients with a comprehensive advice service for both procurement and resolving disputes.

Our huge client base includes the entire spectrum of financiers, contractors, project consultants and developers. Our services are delivered both on time and a value-added basis.
We have rich experience in advising major project works, including infrastructure and commercial development. We have helped major retail, leisure, offices and residential developments projects.

Our advice is targeted to meet our client’s needs and expectations. Our end-to-end approach of working with our clients differs us from our competitors. With broad capabilities expertise and depth of resources, we have assisted our clients on all aspects of contract interpretation and procedures during the course of projects.

Deal Strategy

We are here to help you in harnessing new ways of managing capital. To shoot your business to new heights of success, we provide you with the best integrated consulting and transaction advisory services. We open the new gates of possibilities for your business and takes it to new glories. We enhance business growth by providing access to new markets, sales and distribution channels, reducing operation cost, optimizing infrastructure and costs.

Better deal strategies can bring a tremendous amount of success to businesses. Deals make a way for huge opportunities for business transformation and faster growth. We are here to assist you in having your biggest catch. Our advisory services and the proper implementation of those strategies that bring the most expert capabilities and valuable insights to M&A transformations.

Our team with global perspectives and enormous wealth of experience provide its assistance to several national and international clients. We provide our valuable expert strategies, transaction advisory and management services with utmost efficiency. In addition to this, we offer our clients advisory to attain more growth, add more value to their organization and outshine their competitors. Blending expert knowledge, tremendous expertise and deep insight we have refined corporate portfolios through disposals and created value to reorient and re-invest.
Utilizing a perfect blend of perspectives and insights we help our clients to create value by breaking the walls of conventional thinking and bringing real industry insights and providing on the ground support. By availing the benefit of our expertise and deep understanding of current market trends several renowned entities have captured value and sustained profitable growth.

Our proficiency encompasses a wide circle of services including:

  1. Optimizing the portfolio
  2. Providing assistance as lead advisor
  3. Providing independent advice on valuation
  4. Optimizing and restructuring the portfolio
  5. Providing assistance in the assessment of industry dynamics
  6. Creating the most efficient deal strategies
  7. Providing assistance in developing capital structure and financing options
  8. Assisting clients on the process of navigating tax and accounting complexity
  9. Providing support on accelerating corporate goals, with end-to-end value optimization


At the Grey Advisory Group, we assist our clients in developing the right strategic vision to seize the right opportunity and implement that strategy at a faster pace. Combining the right skills and well-researched strategies we guide our clients at every stage during the complete life cycle. Our valuable and experienced rich insight has helped several renowned clients to uncover worthy opportunities and earn huge prestige for their organization. We unlock the door of possibilities for you by capturing more value and keeping you on track to achieve your developmental goals. We work with integrated strategic perspective and execution insights and help in seamless conduct of business.

Our group, coupling its foresighted strategy with a wealth of experience provides financial advice on raising capital assist in investment options and uncover new opportunities.

We provide unrivalled M&A support at every stage of the complete lifecycle:

  1. Advising and assisting on target identification and evaluation
  2. Providing assistance in matters related to Joint Ventures and partnership strategy
  3. Assisting on Merger and acquisition to both buyer and seller
  4. Corporate restructuring
  5. Refinancing
  6. Advising on IPO and follow-up IPOs
  7. Advising exit strategies
  8. Providing assistance on planning and execution

Whether you need assistance on a merger and acquisition, market entry, business expansion, organic growth strategy, we can assist you. Combination of the most rigorous analysis, deep understanding and international exposure helps us to come up with the best possible services for our clients. We work on industry-specific needs using our local knowledge and serve our clients in the most efficient manner possible.

Analyzing and deeply understanding the market we uncover the most beneficial growth opportunities and ensure superior returns for our clients. We work closely with our clients redefining their growth strategy and bring the best ever deals for them.

We aspire to deliver international standard practices and serve the diverse Middle East businesses in the most effective manner possible.

Transaction Services

By acquiring years of experience and building trust, we have become the leader of the industry today. We are the unrivalled and unmatched law firm serving in the Middle East region. Combing our valuable insight and expertise in the relevant field we have been providing the most robust and productive global transaction services into our clients across the globe.

Our highly qualified and well-experienced team provides a combination of financial, commercial and operational insight to every deal. Our dedicated team of specialist serves our clients with unparalleled knowledge throughout the deal process. We provide well researched and thoroughly analyzed advisory services to ensure the maximum return for our clients.
We provide our insight and perspective on all the major aspects of a deal covering divestiture, strategic alliance, acquisition with a prime objective of fulfilling our client’s expectations and requirements. All of our advisory services are firstly well analyzed and deeply studied covering all the possible outcomes and are in compliance with the strategic goals of various business models.

Our team of specialists thoroughly analyze and validates all the operational, commercial, financial and strategic assumptions and ensures there are no loopholes in the deal. We assist our clients with

  1. Buy-side Due Diligence
  2. Vendor Due Diligence
  3. Deal execution
  4. Acquisition that leads to value addition


Our wealth of experience comes from working on several aspects including market due diligence, synergy validation, future cash flows, all operational issues, maintainable earning and deal structuring. We work closely with our clients, checking all the aspects of deal and advice them making well-informed decisions.

How do we help our clients?


By side due diligence
  1. We help our clients by providing them assistance in understanding the business target and increasing the possibility of its achieving the desired goals.
  2. We give our assistance by highlighting the potential issues that may occur during transactions, negotiation and documents.
  3. We provide our assistance by highlighting the strong areas of business and advising on making more benefits out of that sector.
  4. We provide aid to our clients by highlighting weak sectors of the business and built foresighted strategies to rebuilt them.
  5. We help our clients in understanding critical success factors and maximizing the return on business deals.
  6. We assist our clients in case of any dispute during business lifecycle and try to resolve them at a cost-effective and timely manner.


Vendor due diligence
  1. By providing assistance in reducing disruption to the business
  2. Advising on reducing uncertainty risk for finance buyers
  3. By ensuring the vendor retains pace and initiative in the entire sale process
  4. By providing assistance to vendors on controlling the sale process at the timing of the sale and generate maximum profit
  5. Providing assistance in the execution of disinvestment and accelerate transfer to the new owner


Deal Execution

In today’s complex business landscape, our specialists focus on helping the client to identify, analyze, understand and successfully implement their growth strategies and succeeding. We work to ensure that our deals deliver lasting and superior results for all stakeholders.

Our team with its sharp strategies will always produce desired results and never let any business deal fail. Combining our understanding, experience and foresight perspective ensures that our clients get the best result.



Mergers and acquisitions can lead to exponential growth of the business. Our specialist provides the most effective insight and perspective on such deals to our clients. Keeping in mind the market dynamics, revenue system, talent and compliance we deliver the most effective, practical and profit-making advisories after analyzing your business goals and models.

Business Recovery Services

We are one of the few law firms that provide business recovery services in the region. The advisory services we offer have enormously benefitted several leading local and multinational companies. As a leading firm, we offer our advisory services to creditors, lenders, and individuals suffering from adverse financial situations and help them to develop the most effective solution. In addition to this, we provide our valuable assistance in implementing the solution and strategies with ease and precision.
With deep market insight and global exposure, we are well placed to advise you with the most efficient business solutions. We assist our clients in grabbing the most productive opportunities in a time of adversity.

Our expertise lies in providing assistance on the following issues:


We can take your business out of insolvency if approached early enough. Our team of experienced practitioners has all the relevant skills to deal with such business issues.

Over the years, we have advised a number of clients ranging from owner-managed enterprises to large multinational companies. We provide our valuable assistance to companies and show them the ways to rescue their business and provide them on-ground support in the recovery of value for financial stakeholders.

The wide range of corporate insolvency services that we provide covers all the related aspects of the business including administrative support, compulsory liquidations and creditors’ voluntary liquidation and company voluntary arrangements. In addition to this, we provide assistance in dealing with other formal and informal insolvency proceedings.

The specialists of our team provide assistance to creditors and individuals also. Coupling experience, knowledge and innovative ideas we provide our clients with the most practical and efficient solutions.


We provide the most efficient solutions to underperforming businesses through operational restructuring. The team of specialists comprises of best national and international experts. Combining expertise knowledge and enormous experience, we provide the best restructuring solutions for seamless and agile recovery of businesses.

We work after deeply analyzing and understanding your business needs and causes of its underperforming. At the second stage, we develop a well researched and effective action plan after having a brainstorming session with management, creditors and other stakeholders. The team provides on ground support in implementing the realistic, practical and effective plan.

How do we help our clients?
Operational Restructuring
  1. Providing valuable assistance in assessing short term cash flow
  2. Providing assistance in developing and implementing the restructure plan
  3. Accessing quick wins in working capital improvement
  4. Providing profound support in external stakeholder negotiation
  5. Supporting in cost evaluation and risk mitigation
  6. Accessing interim managers with relevant experience for quick and fast recovery
Financial Restructuring
  1. Quick recovery from the crisis
  2. Advising and assisting on maximizing value for lender/creditor
  3. Providing efficient support in preserving the business and management retaining control
  4. Providing assistance in cross-border restructuring
  5. Assisting in developing smooth relations with creditors and debtors
  6. Providing assistance to clients in better understanding the commercial and financial position of business


Debt and capital Advisory

Our team has served various renowned local and global companies on raising debt finance, obtaining waivers, refinance and several other issues. We develop a comprehensive set of potential solutions after discussing with senior management, board and the related authorities.
Our expertise lies in :

  1. Advising and assisting on competitive tenders for a financial solution
  2. Providing assistance on negotiating restructurings, including debt for equity swaps.
  3. Assisting in maintaining a good relationship with stakeholders
  4. Assisting in the management of the rating agency process
  5. Debt rescheduling
  6. Dispute Resolution


Corporate Simplification

We have a dedicated team to deal with issues related to corporate simplification. Our clients can take benefit of reducing their operational cost by achieving a more transparent corporate structure with our help. We dissolve the inactive companies and help you to increase the productivity and efficiency of the business.
We provide advice on the following issues:

  1. Reducing associated risks with the business and the group
  2. Making foresight strategies and effective planning for the project
  3. Various ways of dissolution
  4. Avoiding the potential risks

Delivering Deal Value

We have rich experience in dealing with matters related to delivering deal value. Our team of specialist comes from diverse backgrounds including Europe, Australia, North America and Africa. The diversity and international exposure of the team help us to deliver the most practical and robust solutions to resolve any business issue.

Our team ensures that the clients understand the main business drivers and key areas of opportunity to deliver deal value from transaction smoothly and efficiently. Combining legal and technical expertise our team of specialist ensures that transactions are conducted quickly.
Our technical expertise coupled with the skills of various disciplines make sure that our clients get the most productive and efficient solution in the following matters:

  1. M&A integration
  2. Operational due diligence
  3. Post deal performance improvement
  4. Divestitures and carve-outs


M&A integration

Our qualified team helps in perfection execution of process and bring out the best deal value. With the deep technical understanding and experience, we help our clients by:

  1. Providing efficient assistance on developing the business and synergy cases
  2. Accessing the success of past acquisitions
  3. Evaluating readiness of firms for integration
  4. Verifying due diligence
  5. Resolving disputes through mediation
  6. Creating productive integration plans


Divestitures and carve-outs

Our firm has huge experience in dealing with disinvestment and Carve Out process. Our highly qualified team has worked for a wide range of clients from standalone businesses to most complex Carve-Outs. We work in close connection with vendors as well as buyers and maximize our client’s ability to deliver deal value. Working in a range of sectors has enabled us to deliver the most effective service in both time and cost-effective manner.
We offer the following services:

Disinvestment Support
  1. Providing support to vendors for preparing cost-effective and profitable separation plans to maximize sale proceeds
  2. Providing assistance in assessing inter-company dependencies
  3. Providing assistance in analyzing and separation risks
  4. Providing assistance throughout the sale process
  5. Providing assistance in defining an efficient IT environment to support the business plan
Carve Out Due Diligence
  1. Providing assistance in reviewing management’s separation plan
  2. Providing support in cost evaluation (estimate)
  3. Providing support related to IT systems and infrastructure
Carve Out Planning and Implementation
  1. Providing ground support in the effective implementation of separation.
  2. Assisting in maintaining detailed status reporting
  3. Providing assistance in risk mitigation
Carve Out Financials
  1. Providing support in management on the preparation of Carve-Out Financial Statements


Operational Due Diligence

Combining deal experience with the practical knowledge, we provide our valuable assistance in buying and selling businesses. The team of specialist supports clients across all the stages of the deal after deeply analyzing standalone performance improvement opportunities, key operational risks and potential merger synergies. Our highly qualified and experienced team provides insight and perspective on operational risks and work to reduce operational costs and increase project efficiencies.

We help our clients by providing assistance with:

  1. Assessing the target’s operation and its risks
  2. Analyzing and resolving carve-out issues
  3. Identifying and challenging synergies
  4. Determining performance gaps and loopholes
  5. Identifying areas of quick improvement
  6. Assisting in grabbing the right business opportunity


Post-deal performance improvement

With extensive experience of helping business integration new acquisitions, we have resolved several deal issues for local and global clients. The team of experts efficiently manages the issues related to employee management, transactions and post-deal reviews in both time and cost-effective manner, causing minimal disruption to ongoing business.

Our in-depth knowledge and expertise in related subject matter ensure that our clients get the potential value forecast when originally put together. Our invaluable insight and perspective help our client to solely focus on core business and save considerable money and time.

Our help:

  1. We provide ground support to manage the dynamic changes, pre-deal and post-deal
  2. We provide advice and assistance in preparing detailed action plans
  3. We conduct post-deal reviews and assess the implementation of strategies
  4. We assist our clients on better management of employees


We offer our invaluable insight and perspective on the matters related to valuations. Our wealth of expertise coupled with the in-depth knowledge enables us to bring an integrated valuation, accounting, tax and business advisory model. We assist eminent national and international clients in uncovering greater value from existing assets and resources.

We provide the following aid and assistance to our clients:

Value measurement

Purchase Price Allocation: Purchase Accounting massively impacts post-acquisition deals under regional laws and regulations. Having the right valuation advisor involved may assist you in understanding financial accounting and reporting requirements that can enormously impact business profit.

Our specialist can assist you in evaluating and accounting needs to determine your new business. We provide our real-time advice throughout the deal process after deeply analyzing and understanding the regulatory risks. Our accounting capabilities coupled with valuation expertise can assist you in better management and execution of the deal.

Tax valuations: Our team efficiently deals with the most critical component of a tax planning strategy, tax valuation. The highly qualified and experienced professionals help clients to understand the way of taxing authorities assessing a transaction and strategizing in compliance with them.

Our team is well qualified to provide assistance to national and multinational companies with the latest valuation techniques. We take extreme care of documentation and related work that needs to be submitted before the relevant government authorities.

Impairment tests: Dynamic economic conditions heavily impacts the value of assets of a company. Our experts can assist you in developing a practical and real-time strategy for impairment testing and show you potential ways to improve your business needs. Our expertise lies in financial reporting, valuation and accounting services.

Property, plant & equipment values: The centre of gravity of the company’s balance sheet lies in the property, plant and equipment values. Our team with its expertise and knowledge offers its valuable services including tax, consulting and financial reporting. The professionals can assist you with a range of valuation and asset management issues. The robust advice and strategies can help companies grow from strength to strength. We cater to both real property and personal property and provide ground assistance in the most efficient manner possible.

Assessing and evaluating the deal value

We are the regional leaders in providing the best consultancy service in relation to deal value. Our experts have a deep knowledge base and experiences of working across the globe. We have successfully served several high profile clients over the years and received their appreciation.

We provide our transaction value advice and our expertise lies in providing the following services:

  • Assisting and analyzing pre-deal business value
  • Identifying the most efficient transaction model advisory
  • Dealing with financial risks and sensitivities
  • Providing support for forecast analysis
  • Providing assistance in relation to synergy value
  • Reviewing model


Value Analytics

With a range of skills in various disciplines, our team provides the analytics services on:

  1. Project cost evaluation
  2. Project value
  3. Market analytics
  4. Price, margin and profit analytics
  5. Capital analytics
  6. Portfolio analytics and capital management
  7. Advanced value analytics for margin improvement
  8. Investment appraisals and business case development