Corporate Finance and Transaction Advisory 

We help our clients identify business opportunities that are of interest to them, examine business and legal risks and support them in negotiating a successful deal closure.

We also help our clients divest of any business or seek a potential investor for it. We work with them to prepare it for offer, approaching potential investors on their behalf and supporting them in negotiating a mutually beneficial business sale transaction that meets their expectations on price and terms.

Our Corporate Finance and Transaction Advisory practice provides advice to clients in the following areas:

  1. Mergers and acquisitions advisory services on both sell side and buy side
  2. Debt and capital raising
  3. Private placements & strategic partnerships
  4. Business valuation services

Business Restructuring & Recovery Services

Combining both legal and financial expertise we are ideally paced to help clients overcome operational or financial challenges. We assist clients in restructuring their business operations and negotiate with creditors with a restructuring plan or wind up their operations and manage their insolvency process.

Our Business Restructuring and Recovery Advisory practice provides advice to clients in the following areas:

  1. Operational and financial assessment
  2. Operational restructuring and business turnaround
  3. Refinancing and fundraising
  4. Advising on bankruptcy and insolvency including acting as bankruptcy and insolvency trustee
  5. Re-organization of businesses and group company structures
  6. Creditor committee representation

Project Management and Business Transformation

A business is always in motion and evolves as the market environment it operates within is constantly robust and changing. Hence business transformation is fundamental to keep pace with market trends and competition and cater for your customer needs and improve performance and efficiency. Business transformation aims to create and enhance value and it is an important way of flexibility and social modernization, through redesigning of the organization to enhance business growth, access new markets, increase sales, reduce operation costs, and optimizing use of business infrastructure and resources

Business transformation techniques aim to assist clients in maintaining positive momentum in core processes and ensure constant improvement in business performance. Businesses that adopt a business transformation approach differentiate themselves from their competitors through product development, customer orientation, quality of products/services, and the development/management of organizational processes. They also support innovation and focuse on identifying business processes that require redesign, developing new and innovative solutions to streamline the organization.

Our Project Management and Business Transformation practice provides advice to clients in the following areas:

  1. Business process reengineering
  2. Human resources engineering
  3. Operational processes optimization
  4. Cost efficiency and value engineering
  5. Strategic management support
  6. Total quality management (TQM)
  7. Project management services